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Oh, she'll fit right in... [09 Jul 2013|07:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This is a conversation I just had with our latest hire at work. I have edited her spelling and redacted the info that makes the other person discussed identifiable, but otherwise this is as-is.

me: one of our sales reps at work does keep sending me creepy worry dolls in the mail.

KC: No way! Get out.. Haha I would love to see one.
Who is it? If I may ask.

me: Brandy with [supplier], where we get our [supplies].
I think I've got them still, I should dig one out

KC: I don't think I have met her yet- Why does she send them to you? Haha I am sorry!!!

me: I've never met her, just spoken by phone and email!
I think they are supposed to be a gimmick to say "hey, we remember you bought stuff from us before, buy our stuff again!" But it was creepy opening an envelope and having that fall out unexpectedly

KC: How odd! How did she get your address? or does she just send them to the hotel and address them to you?

me: hotel and addressed to me.

KC: That is SUPER creepy to fall out of mail!!!
Oh my... lol

me: oh. now super creeped out thinking about if our vendors did stalk me enough to find my address!

KC: Hahaha all of the sudden you get mail at your house- addressed from brandy- opened it- and it is a "worry doll" hahaha and there is a note attached saying " DON'T WORRY"...

me: And then I see there's no postage on the envelope! And then I go to the front door of the house and it's open...

KC: Hahahahah then all of the sudden your phone rings!
It's Brandy
For some reason her name is already programed in your phone!

me: I don't answer. But she leaves a voicemail that says "Don't worry!" and trails off into mumbling about worrying, like she's talking to conflicting voices

KC: Your lights start to flicker and your front door furiously slams shut. "Was that the wind?", you question- "No" says a text message you just received titled...... "from Brandy." You start to panic, breathing heavily as you race around your house locking all the doors and double checking the windows.

me: I get out the key to my bedroom, unlock the door, and walk in. There's a shadowed figure sitting upright on my bed.
Lightning flashes outside my window, and the crack of thunder is deafening. "Brandy?" I ask, nervously.

KC: Rain starts to beat on your window as you start approaching the mysterious and silent dark figure... You ask once more, "Brand-?" Before you can finish thunder loudly cracks right above what seems your house, you blink and the dark figure disappeared... You stand motionless in your dark and desolate bedroom questioning your sanity, as you stand there motionless deep in thought you suddenly hear a soul piercing cackle, you jump and your bedroom slams shut.

[02 Jul 2013|08:45pm]

It seems like there are a bunch of people in my life trying to change their lives, talking massive overhaul of their lives. And it just makes me feel all the more like I am...not doing things. Like maybe I am supposed to be doing more than I am.

I'm not unhappy with my life. I mean, I'm emotionally volatile and intense about it, but at the end of the day the volatility is because I invest myself in everything, I invest myself in conversations I have, in conversations I never have, in my job, in my coworkers' jobs... Mostly I'm lonely, but it's a lonely that can't be touched maybe. And this life, I would have to change everything to change anything, it's the nature of the jobs I work.

Do I break everything in my life?


Conversations I have totally never had [22 Jun 2013|05:44pm]
me: ...my brain just went "does that mean Echo has more embarrassing things than clown porn? What's more embarrassing than clown porn? OH GOD WHAT IF SHE HAS SPIDER PORN????"
If you have spider porn, do NOT share

scorpionvoices: ...I have no words. MY first thought was "if fic authors are always complaining about how hard it is to keep track of limb placement in human porn, how hard would that be with spiders?!"

me: ...and now my brain is tempted to write spider porn. I HAVE ARACHNOPHOBIA WHYYYY BRAIN????? Limb placement is easy, it's the rest of the body I struggle with, and position of it. But really, yeah, unless you're writing threesome or moresome fic, there aren't that many limbs to track...

scorpionvoices: UNLESS THEY ARE SPIDERS omg why do we even talk to each other we are so horrible

me: How do I make my brain stop writing a spider trying to seduce a human??????!?? I just keep picturing one spider leg brushing a person's cheek, and then there's a close-up of spiderface with all kinds of red eyes.

scorpionvoices: You should write horror movies. Horror love movies, because knowing you it would turn into a story about an Acromantula who falls in love with a human and is just misunderstoooood except then he accidentally eats the human because you always kill the thing you love.

Not dying in the arms of a penniless sitar player... [22 Jun 2013|01:34am]
[ mood | sick ]

So I have a return of the horrific cough of evil. Not sure if it's because of allergies, or because of catching a cold, or because fire season has begun in Colorado and my weak lungs could not withstand the smoke in the air, or some combination. I honestly thing it's all three transforming into some mega illness that kicked off my recurring serious cough that I've gotten for a month a year off and on since I was 12 or so. What I know: there's lots of mucus, there's some wheezing, and OTC cough meds don't touch it. I was told "take Delsym, it works. And if it doesn't, it will if you take more." Yeah, well when a double dose running through my system still has me coughing myself weak...

Honestly, cough and mucus aside (and exhaustion), I feel fine. When I'm not coughing, I feel fine. I am risking this by going to a concert on Sunday, but it's a concert that sold out pretty much instantly. I would have to be hospitalized to miss it. And I do think that a summer concert has less risk of me catching a chill and relapsing after... As does the fact i don't need to be at work 2 hours after I get home from said concert.

That basically summarizes my week: I spent time sleeping, and coughing. I meant to work on writing: coughed or slept. I meant to work on D&D prep: coughed or slept. Skipped three separate craft night plans, skipped game night plans, just spent time in bed. But hey, the fact is that I've been able to sleep overall. And when I'm really sick, I can't sleep. So I think that's a good sign. Mostly I just get people looking appalled when I cough, because I sound like I am dying of consumption.

...I feel like talking but yeah, typing a coherent lj post is apparently too tiring. Welcome to why I have done bugger-all this week.

I did want to share this article on how cops question rape victims - I felt like it was a really interesting, informative read.


[19 Apr 2013|01:36pm]
Thanks to something ms_hecubus said on facebook today, I find myself thinking about the books I recall reading in high school. She linked an article where a legislator in WV wants to make science fiction required reading. My first thought, honestly, was "but even science fiction doesn't have a strong reputation for good representations of women we should be teaching our young people to be/respect" but it seemed a bit off-topic so I didn't say that in my comments there.

So though the starting point was science fiction, I found myself reflecting on women-centric books I read in high school for classes.

Honestly, I know there were more than two. But if you ask me to name books I read about female characters, I would say "The Color Purple" and "The Scarlet Letter" and then have to pause while I reject many other books I read. Considering I really hated the first one and the second one, though I loved it, is not exactly one the kids rave about (I remember a lot of people bitching about how Hawthorne blew a whole chapter describing a door), and how a lot of stories out there that are women-focused are still not necessarily good reading...

One reason this list is short - and it is - is that I find myself at times unable to recall if I read a book for pleasure or class. My school had a half an hour of reading time set aside every day, and even if it did not, I would have read a ton. I was the kid always grounded from books, I devoured them. I read in the car, in class when I was supposed to be paying attention (hey, I still was, but it didn't require all my attention)...

this list is not complete, don't even hopeCollapse )
Obviously some of the other books I mention have female protagonists. But I hated To a Lighthouse, I hated The Awakening. And I hated them enough I won't reread them to determine if my hate is because I was not ready for those books (because in high school, I was so very different) or because they are just not books I think worth reading.

Oh hey, remember when I would blog about concerts? [18 Apr 2013|01:29pm]
So last night I went to a GWAR concert. It was at my favorite venue, a venue I haven't been to much in recent years and therefore had forgotten it is handsdown my favorite.

For a few years there, I quit going to concerts. It was a mix of having a social life, being poor, none of the bands I like touring... This year I am back at concerts - I have attended three so far (one a month starting February) and have 2 more lined up to attend.

Anyway. GWAR. Unfortunately, I went with sitting in the balcony. GWAR I think was actually worsened, not enhanced by that.

So apparently a recurring thing in GWAR shows is spraying fake blood and semen over the crowd. But they don't have props that are self-contained for this; the props need to be hooked up to some vast blood-spraying device offstage. Which means that I kept seeing, from my elevated view, as they disconnected props/costumes from the main tubes.

At first, it was really a religious experience. Which makes sense when the story this tour is God telling us that the Rapture is coming, but the last thing before it happens is settling some scores, including killing GWAR.

Now, I don't really do metal. To me, it is just a grinding noise. The whole concert is basically a sea of noise to me, with some dialogue and stage antics. Mostly spraying blood, dismembering prop humans, some raping of a priest... I also forgot that I was out of earplugs and since I haven't been getting enough sleep I stayed in bed rather than hitting Target on the way to the concert. Thirteen hours later, my ears are still ringing. That...may have been a poor call.

I also. And this troubles me. I dozed off during GWAR's set. Not a lot, from what I can tell, I don't think I ever missed more than a minute of the performance though it's hard to tell when the performance is a sea of noise to me. I am a light sleeper. And I dozed off during a metal concert, without earplugs. I really should work on my sleep issues.

So. The conclusion: I do not regret seeing GWAR. I regret not being rested for the concert, but these things happen. However, I do not think I will go to one of their shows again.

And let me just say - Carry on my Wayward Son? So very different when it's being covered by GWAR.

[07 Jan 2013|11:30pm]

It's just. I don't know if it's the season, or my recent change in what hours I keep, or something else. But. I want a new life. I want to not wish that I had different friends than I do. I want to not feel like I am always going to be alone (because I hate sex, because I hate people, because I'm not enough for someone...)

I love my job. Even when I hate every guest that calls, especially the ones that call when they're looking at our damn website that lets them book a reservation, I do love my job. My energy levels have been wacky lately, so I will admit to a certain amount of ignoring work emails when I'm off the clock, but at the end of the day they pay me to count things. Do you know how much time I have spent in my life counting things only because I couldn't not? Plenty. Oodles. I'm a countaholic. I would count every house we drove past with Christmas lights from after Halloween through sometime in January. I counted each section of grass on the boulevards of the roads we drove on, when they were green. So even with the back and forth overnight and daytime schedule I'm on, I do love my job. But I never meet people, I'd be awkward if I did, I don't know how one meets people... Yes, I like my coworkers, but they have friends. They're not looking to make new ones.

But I'm lonely. And the older I get, the more obvious it becomes that I don't know how not to be lonely. I have probably been lonely since I was four, I just didn't know it most of the time.

Sorry for the emo post. But it's not like I can say this shit on Facebook.

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[27 Oct 2012|08:07pm]
Ok, so. I am not sure how to even approach copyright law and fair use. "for learning" is apparently acceptable, but what does that mean? Do I need to look up item by item the things in the book I want to do so I can check if they're under copyright (most, yes) and then try to determine if my use would be acceptable? I'm not exactly gunning for a profit, just for making a thing exist. And if I have to, I'll make a single copy just for Baby Stormageddon, but I want it to be something other people can get too.

People can do things like sell/commission works of fan art. For specific characters. And I don't tend to hear of that going badly, though often people are doing it for some level of profit.

Fair use is such a vague thing, from what I see... I am just not even sure.

Also. Does anyone know of a place to self-pub a color, illustrated book? I am not sure Lulu really seems very capable.

Everybody loves Ewoks [07 Oct 2012|09:11pm]
I could post a number of things, but life is dreary and I don't want to dwell (not today, not on Rex Manning Day) so instead, something I want help with.

So my sister-in-law is going to be making me an Aunt come December-ish.

I need to write the perfect nerdy baby book.

Here's where you can helpCollapse )

[06 Sep 2012|03:18pm]
I may disagree with a lot of what musesfool says, but it's nice seeing opinions on comics. (Even though she is so very wrong sometimes)

Anyway. Thanks ms_hecubus for the birthday bike! My tired brain was very much "WHEE! I HAVE A BIKE! I FEEL LIKE PEEWEE HERMAN!" Trust me, that's actually best case scenario when I'm tired.

Currently I seem to be experiencing what I can only call Revenge of the Insomnia - I'm getting a decent amount of sleep but feeling more exhausted than ever. I can't tell if it's that things caught up to me or if I'm coming down with something; I haven't really felt healthy in the past year. Protip: even if you think you know what you're doing, rinse and wait between using cleaning chemicals. Because Urgent Care is useless on dealing with the aftereffects and you will never be able to breathe again.

Despite the exhaustion, this week was actually a good week. Go figure.

And now on to the important stuff.
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[26 Jul 2012|09:43pm]
So my trainee forgot to bring a Social Security card and therefore did not start training today. Aces.

Anyone up for a beta of 6k Maggie/Mac The Newsroom fic?

ETA: J gave me a quick read-through

[25 Jul 2012|02:21pm]
So, tomorrow I gain a new trainee for my position at work. I'm excited. And nervous. After the last trainee I had and what a disaster that was - and the difficulty getting them to give me a new one, because it's been more than a month - I am worried I'm just getting into yet another vicious cycle of having someone inadequate. I know my expectations are high. But the director actually worked with the new trainee before, so hopefully that means My'kel is going to work out...

Now on to the gossipy bit. Apparently My'kel, my trainee, is trans. Now since I didn't learn this until after My'kel departed and I didn't trust upper management to know, I can't say if My'kel is ftm or mtf. Apparently My'kel has a wife, based on high school graduation year is presumably around 21, and looks like a boy who is still in high school. That is all I know. I'm psyched though! No more feeling like the only gay eskimo, more GLBTQ diversity!

[21 Jul 2012|04:23pm]
So back in February I mentioned some dreams on twitter and I composed this email for ravenpan because she and her family were in one of the dreams. But I never actually got her email address, so it's going in an lj post so I can delete the draft.
dreamsCollapse )

[21 Jul 2012|04:17pm]
I'm down to 4 unread emails and 3 are things I've sent myself! (One is a link I totally need to use on a nicer computer than mine at home, one is an lj post I need to look at when I get home from work today, one is documentaries on airships. The one not from me is shakespearsgrl2's list of jazz music I should at some point check out. I keep it marked unread for easy finding. My drafts folder is of course back up to 13, but hey, it's under 20...

[20 Jul 2012|10:53pm]
Victory! Jim/Neal drunken makeout fic!

[20 Jul 2012|03:49am]
So. I went to the Dark Knight trilogy marathon, because why the hell not?

incoherent spoilersCollapse )
ETA: Has Scarecrow ever been written as a hero? In canon, I mean

[18 Jul 2012|11:45pm]

It's just, sometimes I want to yell at everyone that I'm not fit to be an adult and at nearly 27, probably never will be. The fact it makes me want to yell illustrates my point well.

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The ending is rocky... [04 Jul 2012|06:12pm]

So I'm still digging The Newsroom.

so I have definitely not written more...Collapse )


[30 Jun 2012|05:00pm]
Things to know, a short list:

a. I am not watching The Newsroom.

b. I am definitely not writing fic or even not!fic about it.

c. the fic/not!fic would in no way be Jim/Neal.

I am a liar.Collapse )

[27 Jun 2012|06:32pm]
Yo, internet and f-list, no more awesome things, k?

In related news, I caved and bought myself a friggin' Rex Manning Day bracelet. Obviously the "We musn't dwell" one. It's business appropriate, right? It will be when I wear it on the front desk. Assuming I ever work front desk again. But we musn't dwell! So not talking about work.

I've decided pigtails are a good look for me. Partly because they are (and don't make me look like a somber scribe or fucking Ichabod Crane) and partly because hi, summer has barely started and the heat is already making me wilty.

...how many days have I had this entry sitting open and forgotten? The bracelet has arrived.

[08 Jun 2012|10:48am]
Do you ever just have those days where you realize the thing you need most in the world is Rusty Ryan eating? Seriously. I could go for so much fic about that right now. But alas, only a few people write it well...

[21 May 2012|09:07pm]
Argh. I swear, I remember reading an Andrew/Jesse Spiderman AU that was all science laboratories and shit. Why can't I find it?!

[05 May 2012|04:37pm]

So I am conflicted on the whole women's rights thing, and I think we all know Aaron Sorkin is to blame. Yes, I believe in women's rights. Yes, I want people to respect pink collar jobs and I want to be paid the same as any other person of my qualifications, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. But aren't we already legally entitled to such? I know it doesn't happen, but making more laws that say the same thing is stupid. If people ignore one law, they are just as capable of ignoring two. In fact, I have it on good authority that people are capable of ignoring a long list of laws without even thinking. I probably wouldn't think about this, but on season two of The West Wing, Ainsley Hayes puts it so well - that she's mortified to think that she doesn't have equal rights to anyone else, that it's absurd to instate a second law just to make it really, really clear that she has those rights she is already entitled to. So yes, Aaron Sorkin is to blame, but if people would just do as they ought, then it wouldn't be a concern at all.


[22 Apr 2012|08:20pm]
If you want a good laugh (and a lot of sighing) then I suggest reading up on how different Christian denominations feel about homosexuality. Oh so much facepalming. Especially when what I'm reading the beliefs are directly contradict my own knowledge of denominations that have gay clergy.

[21 Apr 2012|02:42pm]
Yesterday marked the due date of my weekly wordcount. On Wednesday, Jess and I decided that we're going to hold ourselves accountable and risk publish shaming in hopes it pushes us to write more. My goal: 1k a day. Since I committed to this on Wednesday, that means yesterday 3k was due.

In better news, my fairy door arrived! It's a wee TARDIS done by the lovely houseofwhimsy, who happens to be the wife of my favorite poet. The detail that went into the presentation means I am absolutely going to tell you to buy a fairy door from her if you're the sort to want a fairy door. Or know someone who would like that little bit of magic in their life.

So. My life: a lot of getting new ideas, a bit of research, and a smidge of actual writing. Lovely. I can blame things like not feeling well or reading webcomics, but a serious writer would power through it and maybe not feel the need to read all seven hundred something comics in one week. At best, I have probably 2 months of writing before I have to focus on the editing and publication process if I follow through on my goal to self-publish by my birthday. And unfortunately, that plan is for a collection of short stories, while a lot of my ideas lately haven't really seemed likely to fit that. Even though they're likely to only be novellas on the page, I put novel or even series levels of research and contemplation into my projects. You have no idea how many hours I've researched shipping and airships. Which means I don't expect those projects to be ready in time. ...and with some, I am just lazy. No denying it.

On the plus side, my lateral move at work is, in fact, a sort of promotion. They're not calling it that, because there doesn't exist a rung on the ladder for the job I do, but I think we all know that I'm not a lowly peon no matter what my file says. They're training me on the front desk, which means I get to see the paperwork housekeeping never did.

Leaves me wondering if my department manager in housekeeping has seen the paperwork, because her joking with the new guy makes me uncomfortable, and if he made a big deal of it, is probably something under the category of racially insensitive comments, and sexual harassment. Combined. Not sure what to do about it; I think we all know she means nothing by it, but as a manager she should maybe pay more attention to her words.

Pottermore! [14 Apr 2012|07:03am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

They waited til the last moment they could avoid being called liars for saying "early April" and I would say it's mid-April, but finally! I have waited so long! ...I can't do anything yet.



Ambiguous endings don't work well in films [27 Mar 2012|03:16pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Thanks to xsnarkasaurus, ms_hecubus, and karaz for the advice on the theft issue. I did install a lock - well, got my brother to do so. And I called the police.

Which is how I learned I'm actually in an unincorporated part of the county and that means I'm not their jurisdiction. So they gave me the right number and I called the sheriff's department. And our sheriff's department? Friendly and helpful. I was so surprised. Maybe I shouldn't have been, but I was.

The dispatcher took my info and had a deputy give me a call within about five minutes. And then within half an hour or so, a deputy came to my house. And despite the fact it was a high winds day and there were several wildfires in the area, he took the time to look over some of my stuff, dust several things for prints, and fingerprint me so they could eliminate my prints from what they found.

I know it's unlikely they close the case, but it was great that they didn't write it off as trivial. Especially since while the deputy was here, I did realize more and more things missing. Although the only things I personally value that are missing are Swedish alcohol. Curse you, laws against shipping alcohol!

Perhaps it's not normal, but I really was delighted by the whole sheriff-work thing. I mean, I can't do much about what happened in the past. So I'm taking the knowledge it's given me and the experience and found the fascinating bits.

So. Yeah.


Totally not okay [26 Mar 2012|06:14am]
At what point does one call the cops for theft and home invasion?

Value of stolen items, as best I can tell, is fairly low: half the alcohol I brought from Sweden and $15 cash. But other things touched would hold a fingerprint well.

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My escape hatch is jammed, guess I'll burn in the atmo [13 Feb 2012|08:52pm]
[ mood | distressed ]


I don't even know what to say. I've been wanting to make a post for days, but. It's so hard. Convincing myself I have anything to say, convincing myself...convincing myself I have a right to have people care about me.

Because that's the thing. I have some pretty awesome friends here. And me? I'm not a good friend. I neglect you all. Hell, the past few weeks I neglect damn near everyone.

...I hate when I get all emotional. I know you don't know I'm tearing up just thinking, just waiting for words in front of this keyboard, but I feel so exposed. If I'm lucky, this is a passing mood. If not, well, welcome back to depressionville. But there are so many factors, it's hard to make a call.

more stuffCollapse )

Silence is agony, but speaking is worse.

ETA: the list of insults now includes "fucking nutso" "dumbass bitch" and "fucking idiot"

ETA 2: ...and now I'm shaking because he forced a confrontation.


The much-awaited holiday letter/vacation summary [10 Jan 2012|11:43am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I promised chebonne days ago that I would do this, but honestly it did take a few days to get myself together enough to type anything sensible. Well, as sensible as I get, anyway.

the year in briefCollapse )

Sweden ho!Collapse )


What just happened?! [19 Dec 2011|10:35pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

my reaction to the Dexter season finaleCollapse )


My mind is already on vacation without me! [19 Dec 2011|10:32pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

So ant3ka is entirely to blame for me having the song The Mermaid stuck in my head. Even if it was not her plan and the PWT video where she used it was uploaded more than five years ago. Has it been that long already?

I did my first attempt at packing. I may remove a couple things, I may switch suitcases, but round one is complete. I think the only additional item I need is a travel toothbrush - I picked one up today, but it fell out of my cart and I didn't notice until the clerk started to ring up my order. I decided it could wait.

So now I just need my currency to come in so I have a few SEK for the airport, I need to wrap my present for work's white elephant party tomorrow, I need to edit and submit all my documents to work so they know where things are and how things are to be done when I'm gone, I need to finish chebonne's present... Um, somehow every time I make this list it is longer, not shorter.

Anyway. I wrote a short story which I plan to read. Aloud. To coworkers. Wish me well? I am sort of entirely glad I will be leaving the country so soon after; I may need to escape.

A week from right now, I will be in Chicago. Well, actually, I'll be airborne but not far from Chicago. A week from tomorrow, I'll be in SWEDEN!

(Obviously other stuff has happened in my life, including new work drama, but fuck it, you get only the shiny stuff today)

I hope everyone's having a lovely holiday season. I do plan to do a holiday letter again like I did last year, virtual only because I hate going to the post office, but I'm saving it until after my vacation so you can hear about SWEDEN and how much chebonne mocked me and how much frostbite I got.

Also, yes, I did hit my head when I slipped on the ice today. But I am pretty sure my back was hurt more than my head.

Oh hey, and more rambling. Today at work I totally walked into an easel and knocked it down. And people saw. So yeah, that was hilarious yet embarrassing.

Also also? I really want spats. Simple ones that fit okay. I should make them, but yeah, I keep putting that off. I also have a whole bunch of accessories I want to make. Thanks, Project Accessory, you're reminding me of every craft project I've put off in years and how I can't find things I want in stores ever. Seriously, I need to up my crafting skills and motivations because if I want me to show in what I wear, I clearly have to make it myself.


Life, what life? [07 Dec 2011|05:42pm]
In the world of things that aren't work or vacation plans, a variety of things are going on. I'm trying out DC Universe online - fuck you, everyone who says no one will pick acrobatics. I recently finished a Civ5 game and though I didn't win, I did pretty decent. I started up Lego Star Wars, read Dexter and Philosophy, spent a month in blessed freedom from craft projects because sewing my Halloween costume was such a time-consuming project.

I'm still mostly keeping up with Glee and I watch Dexter, but other than those and The Daily Show, I'm pretty well on hiatus from American television. CBC, ABC, and most of all BBC are pretty solid addictions these days. I'm even checking out shows on ITV and Sky. Yes, this is what has become of me. (But Spy is a good show! ...I have no justification for Brittania High)

Being Erica is a show I could see a bunch of you liking. Now that I think about it, I could see ant3ka really enjoying it although I'm not sure why I say that. Admittedly, I am still on the first season but it's cute and it's emotional and it's comfort television. And ABC is great for Gruen alone, but I am the sort of person who loves advertisement critiques. As for the Beeb, well, don't make me pick. Okay, fine, any show with David Mitchell apart from Peep Show.

Of course, the real reason for this post is to talk about Maddigan's Quest. I'll be honest, I wasn't joking when I said I thought New Zealand doesn't have their own tv. But that show is- I like it. I don't even know why. I guess just the right kind of fantasy for my head. It's something I know someone I am friends with would like, maybe several people. But yeah, not sure if the specific friend in mind is shakespearsgrl2 or duendeoflorien so it's a bit hard to rec it.

Maddigan's Quest is about these this girl in a circus, and how they have a mission for their hometown to save it from darkness. Literal darkness, not darkness as in evil. Well, sort of. Because these two young boys join them, telling of a future without hope, the future where they fail their mission.

Actually, you would find me delightful [06 Dec 2011|06:34pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

From musesfool: Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favorite word is now your catchphrase.

I am the second regeneration of Houseman. My current wardrobe features a fuschia silk scarf, my companion is Ken, and my catchphrase is open to debate. Favorite is probably cunt or holoprosencephaly, most used is "Indeed!" so that's probably the actual catchphrase.

shakespearsgrl2 wrote me a fic. So. Check it out. Especially if you like Panic! at the Disco fic and/or kisses.

Um. Yeah. Work is unbearable in that my stress level doesn't really have room to get worse. I'm burning out, but now I see it I can move on before I break down. That's the plan after my vacation, look for a different job.

And my trip is getting dangerously close. I'm almost getting nervous again. Although that's tricky, since the stress has left me pretty numb.

Plus, I've got two weeks until my work Christmas party/talent show. I've agreed to do it, so I'm hoping to finish a short story of the original fiction variety in time for it. I know what story I want to finish, one I've deemed appropriate enough to share with them. But I'm not writing on it as much as I should be. So. Wish me luck?


Sweden! [30 Sep 2011|06:08pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

After two years of constantly telling myself I'm broke and generally being cautious about spending money (apart from a few indulgences, like...actually, the only big indulgence was buying a pair of Boondock Saints rosaries half off [plus a little more since they give a discount when you buy two, brothers and all]), it's been a stressful couple weeks. I can't spend this money, I might wind up in the poorhouse! ...only not, because that mindset gave me savings for once and I know I'm actually right on budget (well, sort of).

But I have exciting news:
I'm going to Sweden!

Since flights are pretty much nonrefundable, it's happening. I bought travelers insurance along with the tickets, so I'll actually be safer than when I'm home. I booked a night at the Ice Hotel. And yes, I am so stoked there might not be words for it - it's a hotel! Made of ice! ...which might actually cost more than a detour to England was going to, but hello, an experience unlike any other!

And then today I blew...the equivalent to six weeks' grocery money on winter gear. I picked up two sets of wool socks, two sets of long underwear - one expedition weight, one normal weight, a thermal-lined hoodie (because my Love Can't Save You hoody is starting to...it's getting holes along the cuffs. I need to figure out a good way to salvage it, but that's been low on my priority list. I don't want to wear holey clothes around Linn's family and look like a ragamuffin, I do need a nice lined hoodie), and heavy-duty gloves. And an EU iphone charger, which I suppose isn't winter gear but is vital since I use my phone as a commonplace book.

(my budget never accounted for pre-trip gear acquisitions, so I dipped into my spending money for the trip. Also what I did for the Ice Hotel, actually. No better souvenir than frostbite, am I right? ...although if I truly believed that, I wouldn't have gotten so much winter gear.)

Do you have any idea how agonizing it is to shop for gloves? I remember shopping for them as a kid and my stepdad would talk to the salesclerk about what was good and what wasn't. I shopped online because I don't expect in-store clerks to know any more than I do. Did they know more back then, or did they just care enough to bullshit better?

Anyway, that might not be so terrible but then I had issues with any ability to find reliable definitions of what insulation materials are, and what they mean. Is thermolite better than heatlock? What the fuck is heatlock anyway? It might be 50 below; are any of these actually worth a damn in those conditions?


Plotting plots and scheming schemes [08 Jul 2011|09:14pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

aka things I am nervous aboutCollapse )

It may be the vodka and Mountain Dew talking, but still. Input is appreciated. (In other news, vodka is still awesome. The end.)


More meme [08 Jul 2011|08:48pm]
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delicious food [29 Jun 2011|09:30pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

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and I return for more [29 Jun 2011|08:53am]
[ mood | groggy ]

So last night was the big Panic! show in Denver and it blew my mind. I may elaborate once my brain is not ooze. And okay. big is the wrong term, they played the Ogden, which isn't that big of a venue. It is, however, one of my three favorite venues and the size of venue I am really comfortable in. So sweet. Yep.

Right. Not rambling like an incoherent something or other. Right. Sorry, Apparently the show was too awesome for me to stay asleep even a full six hours.


I don't want much [26 Jun 2011|05:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

seven wantsCollapse )

but I don't fear fear itself [25 Jun 2011|06:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'll confess, the reason I put down family as one of my loves yesterday is because I was pretty sure I'd be a bad person if I put down vodka instead.

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Is nine loves many or few? [24 Jun 2011|06:26pm]
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yeah, a meme [22 Jun 2011|04:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ganked from Steph, just cos.

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my brain just wants a vacation. and by wants, I mean seems to be taking with or without permission. [07 Jun 2011|08:48pm]
I'm closer to my equilibrium, but I fear that I will never again be the person who is so respectful of work that she doesn't swear in the building. Unfortunately, the drawback of how much I (quite often inadvertently) repress is that once my emotions are riled and released, well. The lid can't go back on Pandora's Box.

talk about work and other stuff and more workCollapse )

I am pretty sure today was spent in an alternate universe. Hopefully tomorrow is as well, but one where I'm not actually, you know, a loser.

Research is not always useful [05 May 2011|04:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

After work I stopped by the library and checked several different dream dictionaries. Most didn't even have amusement park as an entry, and those that did were unsatisfying. Do other people have locational motifs in their dreams? Are other people as troubled by the locations of their dreams as I am? Hopefully I can rest up enough that the weird dreams stop again.


Not so much progress [05 May 2011|07:34am]
[ mood | tired ]

Right. So. Got dumped because my girlfriend concluded she's not attracted to me. And therefore is not attracted to girls. I was fine the day it happened, now I'm angry because I think she turned me into a stranger, which makes attraction a bit tricky, and I question her logic. Anyway. Best not to dwell. I'm done with this dating thing, because when this is my most successful dating relationship ever and I'm nearly 26, well. Why bother?

Linn finished her second novel. I read it pretty quickly once I started; the point she hates most is the point I feel the book became impossible to put down. So yeah, gearing up for another fun-filled editing fest with a red pen or six. I told her she has to finish the third book before the end of 2012. Because apparently I can't edit properly until the full trilogy is written.

I've been working on my own projects a bit, though not as much as I should be. And, yes, over the past couple days my insomnia has been coming back. Insomnia always brings strange dreams. Last night two of them had strange, run-down amusement parks. Which actually, that's been a running motif in my dreams for years. Any thoughts on what it means? Amusement parks, carnivals, museums. Sometimes shopping malls.


Speaking of sprees... [13 Apr 2011|08:20pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Why is shopping so difficult? I have hit 6 thrift stores and a whole shopping mall in the past week and still didn't find everything I wanted. I have learned you can't go in knowing what you wantCollapse )


I make a totally valid point for once [08 Apr 2011|10:01pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

 So I've given up Diablo II (for tonight, anyway) because it is a cycle of dying and more dying and I'm tired of losing money and accomplishing nothing. Which means I'm completely doing my own thing at Nerd Night tonight. That is, of course, the reason I have lj open. Mark's yelling is painfully loud, so I suspect writing is not going to be at all productive.

Today I went out to try to find more summer clothes. I picked up about half a dozen shirts, one dress, and no skirts. I find the lack of skirts tragic, but I'll hit a couple other thrift stores either Sunday or Monday. The best shirt is this turquoise zebra print t-shirt. I know, it sounds really tacky, but it's not that bad. Well. If you like the "bright colors one typically sees in Hot Topic" look. I also hit the bookstore - picked up Little Vampire Women (which sounds terrible and hilarious; I couldn't resist it) and a new journal. Linn says I should start keeping a diary again. We'll see how that goes; even when I was little, I was terrible at keeping a diary.

...honestly, it's at least in part because I don't want to ruin a pristine notebook with my banal shit. I don't want to waste pages. Welcome to why I turn into a little hoarder. I actually had my roommates eat my ice cream the other day, convinced I had forgotten about it. And I was like "I was <i>saving</i> it because I like it." Yeah, pretty sure they think I'm weird as hell.

So. I've been watching QI, which is slightly massively awesome, and slightly made of fail. Well. One of the voices in my head that narrates my thoughts is now Stephen Fry; I suspect not everyone finds that as dreadful as I do. Anyway. Combine that with The Social Network fandom eating a good third of my brain and now every episode has me going "This show would be better with Jesse Eisenberg." No, seriously. I mean, QI has American panelists (or at least one? I'm just in series 2, but Rich Hall is pretty damn American) and Eisenberg really does hit the points that make someone great on that show. He's clever, he's intelligent, and he's pretty damn witty. I'm trying to determine my ideal panel on that show. Possibly Clive Anderson? And, of course, if Jesse Eisenberg is on, I'd want Andrew Garfield on to chin-hand at him and be all twitter-pated.

If you wanted coherence, you're in the wrong blog [06 Apr 2011|08:20pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

if you don't care about my relationship emo, don't clickCollapse )


whoa, I'm like, almost being social [14 Mar 2011|03:00pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I cannot wait any longer. Someone please please point me towards the leak of the new Panic album?

So last night I was the queen of being neurotic. Today is round 2: being neurotic because I have massive anxiety about the fact I was neurotic yesterday. This is why I don't do well with people. Or without them, because it's when I'm without them that I think so much and get crazy.

I had to work early the past 2 days. Working early right after the DST switch? Not cool. Yesterday was fine, I was energized because we had some rain and I love rain - hell, I left for work early to spend more time in the rain. But today? A bit like pulling teeth.

The bus schedule doesn't at all sync up with the time they wanted me, so I was showing up before the fucking restaurant staff even arrived. Kinda creepy, not gonna lie. Yesterday I used that time to write. Today, the manager had me start early instead. Which means that I finished what I wanted to without help, but I was still stressing because I know that manager is clueless.

The worst of it? Our ventilation system is so filthy that this morning, I could already see dust on one of the tiles I cleaned yesterday. Waste of 4 hours? A bit.


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